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Visit the Kennedy Space Center accompanied by a guide

Witness first-hand the story of space conquest

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Visit the Kennedy Space Center with a private guide

Leaving from Miami or the place of your choice, we will take you on a tour of one of the most extraordinary venues of Florida: the Kennedy Space Center. A radical change of scenery is guaranteed! Of course, your guide will accompany you on the whole tour.

Witness first-hand the story of space conquest and the Apollo program, from the mythical Saturn V rocket to the Atlantis shuttle, which you can admire in a specially-dedicated hall!

You’ll be able to explore the history of space exploration, as well as it’s future.

Departures are from Miami or Miami Beach only. You will be met at your location (you must let me know the address in advance), and will arrive for an unforgettable visit later that morning.


– The Space Shuttle Atlantis.

– The Astronaut Hall of Fame.

– A Saturn V rocket take-off simulator.

– The Saturn V Hall via bus.

– And the final attraction: visit Gateway: The Deep Space Launch Complex.

If your visit takes place shortly before a scheduled launch, you may even be able to see a rocket on the launch pad!

Then return to Miami or Miami Beach.

Contact us so we can organize your tour or directly book your private tour!

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