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Tour Destinations to Key West, Florida

bridges in Miami

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Take a trip down world famous US1 as you reach Key West! Key West offers a relaxed atmosphere, immersed in a world of street singers, artists, outdoor cafes, terraces…

Discover and sight-see US1 and its world famous bridges as you pass through each Key.

Key West  is the tip of Florida. Residents, locals and tourist can see that Key West is edgier and more eccentric than the other keys. When you arrive in Key West you will be captivated with its’ historical architecture and captivating local culture filled with bars and businesses. At its heart, this 7-sq-mile island feels like a beautiful tropical oasis, where the moon-flowers bloom at night and the classical Caribbean homes are so sad and romantic it’s hard not to sigh at them.

Even the Chickens have taken Key West as home! Key West has a healthy population of chickens that roam free on the island. And it’s been that way for decades. Some people find them a nuisance, others charming. Either way, they’re not going anywhere.

Visit the Southernmost Buoy at the end of Simonton Street. Key West’s point is 90 miles to Cuba. It’s the closet point, but we would not recommend trying to get there by swimming. See the sunset while sitting on the boardwalk!

Key West makes a great destination if you are looking to schedule a group tour. Open Miami Tours offers the best way to visit by offering its’ Panoramic Bus, letting your group experience an amazing open-air ride to and from the Keys!